Chiropractic Treatment of Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis) in Pacific Beach, San Diego

What does Tennis Elbow feel like?

Lateral Epicondylitis, more commonly known as Tennis Elbow, will present as pain on the outside edge of the elbow. Standing with your arms at your sides and your palms facing forward (so your little fingers are next to your body and your thumbs are facing out), you will feel the pain on the thumb side of the elbow. The pain is often described as an aching or dull burn. Discomfort from Tennis Elbow may also radiate into the upper or lower arm.

How can we tell if the pain is Tennis Elbow?

The pain of Tennis Elbow is often at its worst when moving the wrist with force; for example, when opening a jar or gripping an object like a tennis racket or screw driver. Range of motion in the elbow and wrist may also be limited by Tennis Elbow.

Why do we get Tennis Elbow?

Tennis Elbow occurs with repetitive activity of the arm and wrist; for instance, turning a screwdriver, playing tennis, driving a car, knitting and/or hand writing. When these activities are done frequently, inflammation and scar tissue can build up in the tendon attached to the outside of the elbow. When this occurs, even small daily tasks such as holding and lifting a cup of coffee may become painful and difficult.

How does chiropractic help individuals recover from Tennis Elbow?

Your local San Diego chiropractor will examine the elbow and wrist. Depending on results, the chiropractor will determine if a specific chiropractic adjustment to the lateral elbow or wrist is necessary. When the joints of the elbow or wrist are out of alignment, they can irritate the ligaments, tendons and nerves associated with Tennis Elbow.

The chiropractor will also examine the spinal segments of the neck. Misalignment in the neck may cause imbalances in the muscles of the forearm and wrist, contributing to Tennis Elbow. If there is a spinal segment misalignment in the neck, it will be gently moved back into place using a specific chiropractic adjustment.

How do individuals recover from Tennis Elbow?

The first step to recovery is to be evaluated and if needed, adjusted by your local San Diego chiropractor. After this, your chiropractor will show you exercises and stretches to balance your elbow and help the tissues to heal.

What stretches and strengthening exercises can be done to alleviate Tennis Elbow?

Stretch the Pectoral Muscles and the Forearm Extensors. Videos are forthcoming. Make sure to work both sides, but focus more on the side that is affected.

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