Chiropractic Treatment of Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) in Pacific Beach, San Diego

What does this condition feel like?

Adhesive Capsulitis, more commonly known as Frozen Shoulder, has three different phases. In the initial phase, there is moderate to severe sharp pain. The shoulder is stiff and loses its motion in all directions. In the middle phase, the pain is mild, but the shoulder continues to stiffen. In the final phase, the pain becomes minimal, and motion slowly begins to restore.

How can we tell the pain is Frozen Shoulder?

In the initial phase of Frozen Shoulder, the pain can be so great that it will interfere with sleep. The initial phase usually lasts from one to three months. In the middle phase, activities that require lifting or turning the arm outwards is very difficult. The final phase, where motion slowly improves, can take months to years to occur if left untreated.

Why do we get Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen Shoulder occurs with repetitive activity that uses the shoulder. With repetitive shoulder activities, the joints of the shoulder can be shifted out of place. Frozen Shoulder can also be caused by a trauma that affects the ball and socket joint of the shoulder. When both of these causes are left untreated, inflammation and scar tissue can build up in both the joint and the location where tendons attach to the outside of the shoulder. This creates tenderness or pain if touched, and decreased motion of the muscles surrounding the shoulder. Over time, the inflammation and pain will decrease, but the scar tissue remains, causing an increase in stiffness and decreased motion.

How does Chiropractic help individuals recover from Frozen Shoulder?

When the joints of the shoulder are out of alignment, they can irritate the ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerves associated with the misaligned area. Your local San Diego chiropractor will examine the shoulder. Depending on the results, the chiropractor will determine if a specific chiropractic adjustment to the shoulder is necessary. There is a gentle frozen shoulder technique that stimulates the connection point between the nerves and the muscles. This technique very quickly restores motion back to it’s original state.

The chiropractor will also examine the spinal segments of the neck. Misalignment in the neck may cause imbalances in the muscles and nerves of the shoulder, contributing to Frozen Shoulder. If there is a spinal segment misalignment in the neck, it will be gently moved back into place using a specific chiropractic adjustment.

How do individuals recover from Frozen Shoulder?

The first step to recovery is to be evaluated and if needed, adjusted by your local San Diego chiropractor. After this, your chiropractor will show you exercises and stretches to balance your shoulder and help the tissues to heal.

Stretches and strengthening for Frozen Shoulder:

Gravity rotations and gentle mobilization is recommended for this injury. Videos are forthcoming.

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