Chiropractic Treatment of a Vertebral Disc Problem/Hot Low Back in Pacific Beach, San Diego

How can we tell if the pain is a vertebral disc problem?

A vertebral disc problem; can be caused by a disc bulge, herniation, sequestration (when the inner material of the disc separates from the disc), or desiccation (disc space degeneration due to a dehydrated disc). These issues can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and/or weakness from the low back into the buttocks, legs, and toes. Depending on the location of the disc issue, one or both legs may be affected. It is common to have difficulty bending and twisting with a low back issue and urination may be difficult. Coughing, straining when going to the bathroom, or sneezing can also cause pain.

Why do we develop a vertebral disc problem?

Vertebral discs are fluid-filled structures between the segments of the spine that keep the spine healthy and able to move easily. The purpose of the discs is to protect the spine, especially the lower spine, when performing any activities that include twisting from side to side, bending forward, and bending backward. Common activities that can cause a vertebral disc problem include prolonged sitting, especially while driving, and heavy weight lifting without proper positioning. Accidents or traumas to the low back, if not taken care of immediately, can also cause a disc issue over time.

How does Chiropractic help individuals recover from a vertebral disc problem?

When the joints of the low back segments are out of alignment, they can irritate the disc and nerves associated with the misaligned area. Your local San Diego chiropractor will examine the low back, and depending on the results, your chiropractor will determine if a specific chiropractic adjustment to the low back is necessary. If there is a segment misaligned in the low back, it will be gently moved back into place using a specific chiropractic adjustment.

How do individuals recover from a vertebral disc problem?

The first step to recovery is to be evaluated and, if needed, adjusted by your local San Diego chiropractor. After this, it is important to get proper mobility in the muscles and ligaments surrounding the low back and to strengthen the core muscles to remove pressure from the low back. Your chiropractor will analyze these surrounding structures and give stretches/exercises to help support the joints of your low back. Be sure to stretch both sides, but focus more on the affected side.

Videos of stretches and strengthening exercises for a vertebral disc problem:

It is important to get your spine adjusted before you begin these activities!
Piriformis Stretch Video
Level 1 Abdominal Muscle Exercise Video ( for level 2 and level 3 please talk to Dr. Emily)

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