Meet Dr. Emily Mayo, DC

Chiro 1Emily has been a Chiropractic patient all her life. Her father began seeing a chiropractor for injuries incurred during marathon training and her mother began seeing a chiropractor for headaches. When Emily was born, her parents understood the importance of being checked by a chiropractor regularly.  She continued to see chiropractors through every stage of development particularly during her teenage years when she was very active in sports including soccer, gymnastics and pole vaulting. Emily saw the wonders of Chiropractic first hand through all her sports injuries but really began to understand the full scope of the profession while interning in a Chiropractic office during her undergraduate schooling. Emily always knew it was her life’s mission to work with people, but it was in that office that she decided Chiropractic was the way she intended to touch people’s lives.

Emily moved from her home state of Wisconsin to start Chiropractic school at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia. She quickly became involved in many of the clubs on campus, going on to teach in several of them and becoming president of the largest technique club at the school.  In her senior year, Emily went on a mission trip bringing Chiropractic to underprivileged communities abroad. She graduated from Life University with honors and received an award for clinical service. She was also honored with the communication and relationship theory/skills award which is one of Life University’s Eight Core Proficiencies.

Emily’s love for the ocean and California brought her to the beautiful city of San Diego. She opened a Center for Life practice in Pacific Beach and has been growing her roots in the community ever since. Emily’s main focus is family care from pregnancy and birth to everything after. She also enjoys working with athletes.  In addition to her work with pediatric/prenatal clients and athletes Dr. Emily specializes in working with TMJ problems and hiatal hernias. Emily is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, she teaches seminars in MLS chiropractic, and is certified in the Webster Prenatal Technique.